Best Friends Forever


Friendship is love
Love is friendship,
For great friends love you
Just the way you are
Without giving up on you,
And the power of our love
Makes us best friends forever

“There are “friends?”, there are acquaintances, there are buddies, etc.; but, there is a friend that is always closer, nearer and greatly available more than a brother.”



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No Love Lost Between Us


Like unkept scanty gardens
Neglect killed our friendship
Like unkept broken promises
Lust ruined our trust

“Every friendship needs care, laughter and attention from both sides to thrive. One-sided friendship can only last for a while.”


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I’ve Got A Friend… In You?


A good friend shows you where to buy pizza
A great friend teaches you how to make pizza
A best friend patiently makes the pizza with you

The journeys of life are more pleasant and memorable when we have someone to walk through those journeys with us.


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Look At The Big Picture


Look at the big picture 
The tears, the change, the solitude, the sadness 
Understand the ultimate purpose 
He that holds the world in His hands 
He is holding you through this journey 

Look at the big picture:
God is able


#saying goodbye 

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Streams of Tears


A couple of tears is like
A good cleansing stream
To the weary and the worn,
Tears doesn’t make one weak,
It means one is brave enough
To admit his weakness
And utmost insufficiency
To the All-Sufficient God


#saying goodbye

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Farewell, Daily Prompt. Fancy a Cuppa?


Suddenly I rolled up my sleeves abruptly, then I sat down to Observe the change of Tides in this unfolding drama. 

Before his Mentor, who was known as Mr. Blue Bubble, Jimmy Flaunted some recently completed works by his new band “The Rapid Rainbows” with such hearty Laughter, of excitement and achievement. 

Like a Rebel in the wild Forest Skewed to his soul’s Core with a Slight unfounded conspiracy theories and family Pedigrees, his mentor disapproved of the music, then he mentioned a Thin line of thought that Jimmy and his band may have been Infected with the Premature Complications of Narcissism and naivety. 

The moment became Awkward, all smiles Disappeared 

Meanwhile, Jasmine made a costly Assumption to which she refused to accept she was Guilty of. Apologies, were Archaic, she snubbed. She claimed that she was the Doppelgänger to the Famous Queen of England. To attend the wedding Ceremony of Prince Harry, she spent £30,000 on her 3 credit cards. Sitting Juxtaposed to the Queen on that day, she realised her vanity; she became Broken, contrite and… was later declared bankrupt. 

Retrospectively, I have enjoyed the daily prompts. I have met a lot of bloggers and have learnt a lot of new words. I will surely miss the daily prompts, hence this short piece using all the daily prompts for the month of May. 

Farewell, Daily Prompt. 
Shall we meet at Starbucks for a cup of latte? 😉

In Retrospect…


In retrospect,
The times I have grown more
The times I have learned more
The times I have experienced God more
They were the times when I went through turbulent seasons in life.

When on the verge of drowning
His hand drew me out from deep within,
When my faith tipped
His love quenched my fearful thoughts,
When uncertainty made my feet unsteady
His light shone brighter than ever,
When the waves rocked my boat
“Don’t be afraid”, He gently said;

In retrospect,
The more I was faint, feeble and weak,
Then, His strength made me stronger.


Copyrights ©dreamdesireachieve 2018