He’s A Human After All

(Picture Credit: Dronstad)

He’s a human after all
Not to be forgotten at all
He’s a husband, he’s a son
He’s a nephew, he’s a grandson
He’s a cousin, he’s a brother
He’s a granddad, he’s a father
He has needs, just like you
He can be afraid, just like you
He likes to dance, just like you
He has a family, just like you
Oh politicians!
Oh parliamentarians!
Don’t treat them like pawns,
Or toss them like paper prawns,
They ain’t puppets at your beck and call,
They are just humans after all.

Daily Prompt: Rhyme

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What Do You See?


You can only write your words
From your perspective,
You can only live your life
From your perspective,
You can only be a saint
A superhero, a thug or a friend
From your perspective,

You can only be who you want to be,
Who you think you should be,
Who you aspire to be,
The best you want to be,
From the angle of what you see;

So, what do you see?
What are you looking at?


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

Moving Away?


Lots of furniture to pack,
Lots of junk throw away,
Lots of items for charity
Lots of lost items to find again
After countless days of frantic searches
Blaming everyone but yourself
Then simply giving up while pining inside;
Old toys, old shoes, old clothes,
Memories relived;
Letters, old books, boxes everywhere
You plan, you pack, you organise, you faint
You never know how much stuff you have till you start moving.
You never know how much junk you have till you start moving.

Moving is hectic and stressful,
Moving is fun and daunting.
But then, what in life isn’t?
Except eating a bowl of chicken nuggets and chips

This daily prompt reminded me of my experience when we relocated to a new home 4 years ago. Following my last post, I was greatly inspired to use my own sketches, hence the featured sketch above using Picture Collage. 😊


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Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.


Just like Yesterday
Today will go,
Just like Today
Tomorrow will come,

What have I done Yesterday?
What am I doing Today?
What will I do Tomorrow?

Choices. Choices. Choices.
Decisions. Decisions.
Time. Actions. Inactions. Consequences

Today is the Tomorrow I was waiting for Yesterday.


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

Fabrics Fit For The Master’s Use


Like a fabric, on tenterhooks
I have been stretched
To the limits of my yarns,

Though stressed, starched, stretched
Hung out in the scorching sun,
I will not be torn
I will not be broken
I will not lose faith

For when this ordeal is over
My Master will unhook me,
From the heat of the scorching sun
I will return to the coolness of the home;

There, I will be a great fabric of honour
Washed, and purified from stains,
Fit for my Master’s purpose;

For you see, in a great man’s mansion
There are different types of fabrics,
Fabrics for kings, fabrics for floors,
Fabrics of honour, fabrics of lesser honour,

If I must remain a fabric of honour
I must keep myself immaculate and undefiled,
From the stains of sin and selfishness,
From the stains of worldliness and ungodliness.


(Inspiration for this poem came from 2 Timothy 2:20-21)

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

Gone Are Days… Now I’m Here.



This is me.

Gone are the days, when as a teenager, I was innocent, shy, smiley, and tried to be obedient to the way I was brought up.

Gone are the days, when in my mid twenties, I spent leisure times daydreaming about boys, jobs, husbands, weddings and how my adult life would look like.

Gone are the days, when in my mid thirties, I was boisterous, outgoing, outspoken, full of zest and laughter, focused, positive; I displayed untamed admirable passion and unfeigned emotions.

Now, less than 365 days short of THE BIG 4️⃣0️⃣, I’m watching myself become more contemplative, more deliberative, reflective, bridled, somewhat slowing down and deeply yearning for maturity. I’m asking myself a lot of questions, scrutinising a lot of my actions and thinking a lot more about the future.

Is this an age thing? Is it a phase? Will it linger on more or will it pass on quickly? I’m not sure and I don’t know. Can anyone relate to this? If you know what it is, can you tell me.

Now, I’ve been thinking and I need your candid opinions please– I’m thinking of changing my blog name to my name. The current name narrows down my writing creativity, I don’t like it in a way. Having my name would help me write freely and more creatively. What do you think?

-Musings from a contemplative heart.


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One way? or Both Ways


Let not my compassion be one way
But let my love be both ways
Let not my kindness be one way
But let my humanity be both ways

If I only love those who love me,
What then, is my reward?
Why then am I a human?

To love even when I’m not loved in return
To give back even when I didn’t receive
To be humane always, all the way, in every way,
Even when humanity have lost the art of being human


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

Make a Wish


We were nothing, no one knew our name.
We were written off, we were forgotten…

Until like shooting stars,
We flew out of darkness into the limelight,
Into our little world of stardom,
Where anyone and everyone is a star…

We dream again, we hope and believe again.
As we work and excel in what we do,
We are like shooting stars in the skies…

Telling our stories,
Showing men that wishes and dreams do come true.

These were my thoughts when I wrote this poem: Shooting Stars


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

Never Judge a Person…


She walked into room in a grand gait
And all eyes turned…
Her eyes drew you in like quicksand
Her eyelashes fluttered like fairies’ wings
Her lips glowed hot with crimson
Her skin was smooth like Shea butter
Her hair curled like lazy metal springs
Her slender hands crowned with a well manicured nails
Her figure beautifully shaped like the goddess of beauty
Then she sat down, next to me!
What a ravishing lush view!
I was uneasy with excitement!
I was completely taken in!
I’m not a ladies’ man but,
I am a man who loves style
I thought up a line about the weather
(That one always works with the ladies)
I opened up a converse
I smiled genuinely … or sheepishly?
I introduced myself
She opened her mouth-
A potpourri of curses and swear words!
She spewed them out without care or restraint!
She had so much going on inside!
And pop! My bubbly bubble popped!
I looked down at her with my self-righteousness
Suddenly, she broke down in tears
My heart melted with pity and compassion…
I learned an important lesson that day-
Never judge a person by the look of their face

Daily Prompt: Lush

“There is no art to find the mind’s construction in the face. -“William Shakespeare (Macbeth)

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

Originally published in February 2017

Rise From The Sludge


Mistakes and mishaps
Mud and muck
Rise from the sludge
Rinse with bleach
Seek your star
Follow your heart
Ride off in the sunset
Leaving the past behind
Fortune and goodwill
Follows the brave

“If all men stopped because they failed
Mankind would still be stuck in the Medieval”

Dream. Desire. Achieve



Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

Out From The Miry Clay


Out from the miry clay
Love drew me out
Out from the depths of sin
Grace plucked me out
Out from the darkness
Perfect light shined
Beauty beyond belief
Mercy beyond my mistakes
Out from the sludge
Life called me back
To life


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

15th January, 1995


Beside the beautiful lake they sat,
Absorbed in the serene scenery
Her smiles, her face, how angelic;
How lucky, no, how blessed he is,
Cupid’s finest princess
Came knocking on his door;
She was well-suited for him,
They were evenly-matched,
In comparison to her,
The prettiest are droll;
What a perfect complement she is,
Yes, perfect sums her up very well.


18th June, 1994, 22nd October, 1994

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

Be There For Her


Have a sip of her tears
Taste her pain
Touch her trembling hands
Feel her tremor
Spread your wings around her
Help her keep still

She’s lost in the pain
Her heart in the deep
Though she responds not
Stay there, be there for her
Surprise her, do something,
Something endearing or noisy
Like a noisy honk honk

Do everything you can
Let her know that
When she’s ready to talk
When she’s ready to let go
That someone cares
That you care


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017


Black is Beautiful


I am black
I am African
I am dark
I am beautiful

I have brown eyes
I have flat noes
My voice is deep
My hair is kinky

I want to be loved
I know what hate is
I also have emotions
I also can get hurt
I am part of humanity
I am part of us

Sometimes it seems
I am an endangered specie
Sometimes I am made to think
The best is not for me
Sometimes it seems
My name is a repellent
Sometimes I’m made to believe
My colour is on a wanted list

We are black
We are African
We are dark
We are beautiful



Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

Tears From Yesterday



Tears from Yesterday
Blind her vision
She fights back
And they retreat
She gives up
And they return
She’s no novice to pain
But, she’s an expert
Who has learnt to believe
In Tomorrow
Because, she’s alive
And has found Love


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

Hearts of Gold #2


He looks hard and stern
Unfriendly by his looks,
Walls of defence all around,
Get closer! And see,
He is soft, pure and lovely,
With a noble heart of gold,
Always a great friend,
And no less a human

His stern unappealing shell
A facade on purpose
A defence from heartbreakers,
I will open my eyes to see no none
By the looks of their faces
May we interact with each other
Based on the fruits of our works

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017