My less than 366 days challenge…

Well, for starters, I love writing. I used to write poems and short stories ages ago but somehow, time like the fleeting shadows flew away from me. After much persuasion from a friend, I decided to go blogging. So here I am. I captioned it my “less than 366 challenge” considering this leap year is almost halved. My plan is to pen down some sort of literature every day until the last day of this year.

If you are reading this, I challenge you to take up a project you’ve been procrastinating on and let’s go on this journey together, the more the merrier they say! This reminds me of a movie (would have to google for the name) I watched starring Meryl Street as a professional French TV chef who published her recipes in a cookery book. Then comes this other lady who challenged herself to cook all the recipes in the book for 365 days: one day per recipe. Good movie I’d say.

Anyway mine isn’t cooking but rather self development, yours could be some sort of hobby or passion. Whatever you decide, come and join this ride and let’s sail unto shore together with Mr Commitment as our Captain. What have you challenged yourself to do? Drop a comment and tell us about it, and share how you are getting on with it.

Till tomorrow then… I’ll keep writing..🖊

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