A Mother’s Love

She gives up her name to answer his name
Even though some do retain their maiden names.
Still she gives up her identity somehow;
She gives up her body to bear his babies-
Passes through the inevitable popular 9 month seasons of morning sickness, bloating, constipation, body disfiguring, sleepless nights, demanding attractive partner, silly noisy adorable children, etc. etc. etc.
Which culminates into excruciating labour pains, c-sections, episiotomy, epidural, birth complications, incessant hospital visits,.. until the baby is born… Wow!
Most times, with the demands of childcare she changes her job and puts her career on hold;
She gives in her time to go to work;
She comes back from work and resumes housework/children work- cleaning and cooking, hoovering and dusting, laundry and ironing, assisting with homework, amidst scolding and shouting, loving and caring, quarrels and tantrums, stories at bedtime, hugs and kisses etc etc etc
She ends all that and then, sometimes, resumes marital conjugal duties that same night… Wow!
She hardly gets a “me, myself and I” time; and the next morning the cycle begins again!

I bet you are asking, “Why and how does she do these? What motivates her?”
As a mother, I know the reason behind this is summed up in one word- Love.
The unconditional, unconventional, dynamic, incomprehensible, sacrificial, amazing and wonderful love of a mother.

A mother’s love- the quintessential epitome of sacrifice.

Written In response to our daily post word: Sacrifice, Epitome

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2016

3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love

  1. Christine Goodnough says:

    You’re right: love is the reason. The time of raising children, of being a stay-at-home Mom, can be so rewarding when love is the motivator. But if you want a full view of the reward, visit an old folks’ home sometime. Ask the staff to point out a mother who has obviously loved their spouses and children. This is the mom whose kids visit regularly, whose husband faithfully comes to sit with her, though she can’t tell you who he is anymore.

    I’ve worked in a retirement and had a parent in a nursing home. There are exceptions, but this is where you see just how “the chickens come home to roost” for most parents. IMO every young person should have to put in at least six months of “community service” working in one — I believe the experience would makes us better people.

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  2. writealineblog says:

    That’s right dear, the rewards are profound and does move the tear ducts. For every investments we make in our families today, they are not made in vain, blessings abounds. And talking about the “community service”, that’s one effective approach.


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