Instincts in the Jungle

The Predator,
Stealthily, edging closer
Waiting, waiting
Supper almost ready,
The Prey,
Lying down in the shrubs
Chewing, chewing
Bedtime almost near

The Predator
Stops in his track
Watching, watching
Getting ready to pounce
The Prey,
Suddenly twitches her ears up
Listening, listening
Movement behind her

Stillness, stillness
While the hot sun blazed down

The Predator,
Jumps out of his hiding place,
Heading straight for the kill,
Her jugular, his target;
The Prey,
Springs quickly to her feet,
Sprinting far from death
Her kind, her target

The Predator-
Compelled by his need to eat
The Prey-
Compelled by her need to live
Both driven by one word-

In response to today’s daily prompt: Survival

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