A buddy is your best friend, the person you can confide in without the fear of been judged or criticised. He/she sees the best in you when no one else does and pushes you on to achieve your best. You fight, you argue, you make-up, you play and have a cheery hearty laugh. You talk about anything and everything; you are not afraid to say anything because you know your buddy will not misunderstand you. He/she knows you too well to take offence. You cry in each other’s shoulders, you pray and comfort each other, you achieve well and rejoice together.

No man is an island, hence man is a social being. We need our buddies to function well, for when our emotions cloud our judgement, our best friends/buddies objectively help us have a clear thought path, and do sometimes save us from terrible decisions. Buddies hold a special place in our hearts for there’s a special bond and closeness the two of you share that some people may not understand.

And we all love and care a lot about them, that’s why they are our buddies.

In response to the daily prompt: Buddy