Staying Healthy

Staying healthy?
All I can say is-

Eat well
Sleep well
Lots of water
Lots of exercise
Forgive and forget
No alcohol and no smoking
Meet old friends, make new friends
Eat sweets and puddings in moderation
Don’t skip breakfast but eat your vegetables
Go on holiday, tan on the beach or surf on the waves
Relax on the couch, have a laugh and let the world stroll by
Stay Healthy

In response to the daily prompt:  Healthy

Below are some amazing fruit salad arts I found online. Thanks for reading my post.

4 thoughts on “Staying Healthy

  1. Dream Desire Achieve says:

    Oh really?? How exciting!! Makes you look forward to the food isn’t it? Like you, this is the part of food I enjoy most. Been creative on a plate, one of the reasons why I watch Master Chef. Thanks for your lovely comments.🌺🌺💝💝


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