Brick by brick they built the Tower of Babel. Labouring under the sun and under the rain, attempting to build a tower to the heavens, to see God they claimed. How is that even possible?

I see her everyday labouring, brick by brick trying to build up a relationship that has moved on. Like the people of Babel, she believed he’ll take her back again.

She spends her money, her time and makes great effort for them to be “the couple” again. Living in denial and blinded by her emotions, she refused to see he was only using her.

Until one day, she met him with a lady with packed suitcases, “Meet my fiancée, Melissa”, he said, “We are on our way to Venice for a holiday, catch you later“.

She suddenly realised one painful heartbreaking truth- he has moved on, she has to forget him and move on too. Time to go!

In response to the daily prompt: Brick, Later