Extreme Virtue

Can virtue be extreme? Can good be overdone? Or is virtue and goodness encouraged at every and any situation despite it’s extremity? I applaud the phrase: moderation is the key for we have discovered that any extremity poisons the balanced equilibrium of the society. Hence it goes without saying that:
Extreme love becomes been too permissive and consequently anarchy
Extreme peace breeds a lifestyle that avoids confrontation
Extreme disciplinary measures breeds a stiff and stern relationship
Extreme honesty leads to curt and saucy statement
Extreme success breeds bragging and pride

How do we live a balanced life? How do we know when to draw the line between moderation and extremity as we practice goodness to the people around us?
The Holy Spirit is there to reveal to us the demarcating line that gets blinded by emotions and He gives us wisdom to live our lives as expected. Also, our conscience serves as a restraining order that enables us live balanced life.

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