Words spoken in anger most times are hard to take back.

The hurts and the pain they cause becomes too deep to be forgotten.
The wounds and scars they leave may never heal in time.
They break and ruin, disfigure and dislocate the best of relationships for years to come.

One great problem with words: once you say it, you can’t retrieve it back. It’s tendency to heal or hurt, break or make, appreciated or misunderstood depends on who heard it.

Regrets, remorse and repentance comes afterwards but an irreparable loss and damage would have been done already. Beware of the words you speak when angry.

If you can’t help it, leave the scene, take a mouthful of water and don’t swallow it, countdown from 20-1, do whatever works for you.

When every raging emotions and every turbulent sea is calm, you will be glad you did.

In response to daily prompt: Angry

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