Footsteps in the Dark #2

She struggled to keep still her quivery mouth and trembling hands as she continued to run. At some distance ahead of her, she saw a glimpse of light and this propelled her with a renewed boost of adrenaline and energy to keep running.

The steps behind her increased and got nearer and nearer. The glimmer of light also grew larger; if only she had wings to fly away from this dark forest, more so from her assailant, she wished.

She suddenly felt cold hands grip her shoulders very hard and shudders ran through her spine. She struggled, wriggled and fought hard to shrug it off as she screamed, “Help! Help! Someone help!!”.

Amidst that in some split seconds she caught a glimpse of her assailant- he was a tall towering figure, wearing dark gloves, a black hooded gown and hiding behind a dark grotesque mask.

With all the strength she could muster, she gave him a very hard kickback that aimed for his groin. He groaned and crouched in pain inevitably releasing her. Seizing the opportunity, she leapt out of the darkness and into the light of the full moonlight, unto a long stretch of tarmac road.

Quickly and apprehensively, she glanced behind to make sure he wasn’t following her. He wasn’t but she did spot his dark sinister eyeballs peeking through his hideous mask. He was sternly glaring at her via a little space in between leaves, with an apparent malicious intent.
(To be continued)

Daily Prompt: Struggle

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