The Chicken and the Fox

The fox met the chicken on his way one day and this conversation occurred:

Fox: “O thou tasty friend, where art thou off to?”
Chicken: “Greetings Mr. Fox. Hastily on my way, I’d say, to prepare for a visit to the abode of my friend.”
Fox: “Who is this thy friend if I may ask?”
Chicken: “Why dost thou enquire?”
Fox: “Well, I would have invited thee to a special dinner tonight at my abode.”
Chicken: “Who else would be there?”
Fox: “Only me and my foxy wife. Do honour us with thy chubby presence. An open house we always keep to entertain our friends”
Chicken : “What would thou cook for me?”
Fox: “Ahh, friend that is a special surprise just for thee, to find out when thou comest”
Chicken: “Oh thou cunning Mr. Fox, I know thy plans and I ain’t going to be thy dinner tonight”
Fox: “Hahaha, thou art indeed funny. Might I join thee to thy friend’s house then?”
Chicken: “Nay. Thou art not invited to the feast.”
Fox: “The feast??”
Chicken: “Yes. Even now my friend prepareth a great feast, a bountiful banquet for me and all my family.”
Fox: “Who then is invited?”
Chicken: “His family. It is a great feast between all my family and all his family to honour our friendship. Such worthy gesture, I would indeed call an openΒ house”.
Fox: “Hmmmm…”
Chicken: “In haste now I wish to depart Mr. Fox to get ready for the feast.”
Fox: “Oh be patient for one more question dear friend.”
Chicken: “Ask if you may.”
Fox: “Who is this thy noble friend?”
Chicken: “None other than Mr lion?”
Fox: “Truly?? Mr. Lion??”
Chicken: “Yes, truly Fox, it’s Mr. Lion and off I go now. Farewell”
Fox: “A true farewell to thee my naive friend… to thy “FEAST!” mused the fox while he idly scratched his chin.

Daily Prompt: Open

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