Depression struck as the realisation of an apparent deprivation set in.
In the stead of a once gallant bubbliness and cheerfulness was the incessant voices of self-pity, self-blame and dire loneliness
Tearfulness, tissues and name-calling was the order of the day.
The world was no longer a safe haven but an unbearable hell.
Suicide and self-harm became viable options
Yet unwittingly abandoned at the very thought
Seeking to numb the emotional turmoil and frustrations,
Desperate to fly and glide into the pain-free worlds of fantasies and unicorns,
Recourse is made to one potent lethal resort and addiction-

Drug addiction is a serious disease. Users either end with jail, mental health institution or dead. Be a beacon of light and help someone overcome this habit.

Daily prompt: Deprive

The Search for hopeWhere there is life


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