My Dunking Business

This morning, I decided to have a cup of tea with crackers for breakfast. The “usuals”- cereals, toasts and the like, became too boring and more so, the prospect of as a dunking adventure sounded more exciting. Hmmm..

So I made myself a nice creamy cup of tea, spread Philadelphia on some of my crackers and left two of them for the dunking business. Took my sky remote, changed the channel to CNN and watched as they rattled on about Trump and Clinton.

Sat down on my favourite sofa, took one cracker from the saucer and dunked.. wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…. (Should be soft by now) Out…. Oh no! It didn’t melt! Hmm, I tried again the second time but it didn’t melt. Looks like my dunking business was becoming a wild goose chase. Let’s try again for the last time, I thought to myself. Bit off a little bit of the still hard crackers, and dunked again….wait for it…. After a couple of seconds, and out! Oh no! It was still hard! Too bad.

Anyway, despite my chagrin, I carried on and enjoyed the rest of my breakfast, having learned one truth- my “crackering” “dunkering” exercise has become an elusive one.

In response to the daily prompt: Elusive

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