Good Morning, Meli

Good morning Meli” and Meli his cat meowed back.

His morning began with a run on the treadmill, a hot shower, he set down food and milk for Meli, grabbed a toast and a mug of latte, then bolted out of the house.
Bought fuel on his way to work and drove to work. Got to the office, had a team meeting, a managers’ meeting and several clientele meetings.

Midday- typed up paperwork in his office, sent emails, replied emails, made calls, received calls, and supervised a junior colleague on sales management.
Walked a couple of blocks, had lunch, came back to the office.
Drove downtown to meet a prospective client, drove another 2 miles to showcase a couple of estates to prospective buyers.
Drove back to the office, briefed his boss amongst other discussions that came up.

Evening- More clientele meetings in the office, more paperwork, more emails and many telephone conversations.
Drove home, made tea for himself and for Meli, had a shower, read a book and dozed off on the sofa.

Night- Unstoppable time! 24hrs is not just enough! He moaned. If only I could make it stop! He thought as he reluctantly dragged himself up from the sofa and crashed on his bed.

“Goodnight Meli” and Meli meowed back in contentment.

Daily Prompt: Unstoppable

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