Toni Robinson

“Toni!” A male voice called out at the train station.
Toni turned around to look for who called her name, she noticed a familiar face approaching and smiling at her. It was Wilson, her high school crush. She was completely surprised to run into him eight years after graduation. He looked more mature with some deep baritone voice, a bit taller but yet, that handsome boyish smile that always sent butterflies in her stomach had not changed. She was understandably excited to see him; having broken up twice and now for good with her boyfriend, she could do with a bit of distraction.
“Do you need help with your luggage?” He asked, “Yes, I do, thanks”. He reached for her luggage and as she handed it over to him, their hands touched briefly and he gave her a gentle smile which made her blush and tingle.
“Good to see you Toni Robinson, it’s been a long time”.
“Yes Wilson, 8 good odd years isn’t it?” Toni said.
“You still remembered my name, and you’re not looking bad, how are you?” He asked…
As they walked off together and waved down a taxi while catching up on old times, she chuckled as she realised she stared at him more than she listened to what he was saying.

via Daily Prompt: Reach

Next: Toni Robinson #2- It’s Complicated.


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