Toni Robinson #2- It’s Complicated.

Toni: “My love life, kind of a mess.”
Wilson: “Then clean up the mess.”
Toni: “You won’t understand.”
Wilson: “Let me the judge of that.”
Toni: “It’s complicated.”
Wilson: “How complicated?”
Toni: “It’s a long story.”
Wilson: “I’ve got all day.”
Toni: (Silence, contemplation)
Wilson: (Silence, expectation)
Toni: “I’ll tell you one day.”
Wilson: “One day could be any day.”
Toni: (Silence, contemplation)
Wilson: “Let me help you untangle the knots.”
Toni: “Don’t push it.”
Wilson: “Toni, I want to help you, I want to be there for you, I know we were friends in high school, but now you are more than a friend to me. From that day that fate brought us back together at the train station, I knew I didn’t want to be separated from you again.”
Toni: (Silence, shock, utter amazement)
Wilson: Looking into her eyes said, “I know it’s just been about 1 month since that day but… I know… I’m in love with you Toni.”
Toni: (Silence, blushing, smiling, tear-filled eyes)
Wilson: (Silence, smiling back with admiration)
Toni: “I love you too, Wilson”, she whispered softly.

Daily Prompt: Complicated

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