Pins and Needles

Little things that don’t mean much are usually the things that matter most. Tiny acts of kindness, of love and care can sometimes make so much difference in relationships.
That gentle smile, that small pat on the back, the warm hug, the soft touch or peck on the cheek, those eyes that show you are understood, or just these simple words, “hello my dearest”, “I’m sorry” or “I love you”. These are just but a few.

Pins and needles do look insignificant and definitely would be lost in a sack of hay, but, they mend lots of clothes and hold great, rich fabrics together in one piece. Where would our sowing be without them? I do wonder.

Likewise, these tiny little acts of love do mend great wars, settle altercations, and hold relationships together. They are the little details that make up and complement the big picture. They are like the spices in our foods. Though unseen, yet their effects are obvious. When disregarded or neglected, they may lead to little cracks which may only be seen through God’s lens. These cracks, if not mended, will continue until suddenly there’s a complete breakdown and we begin to quote, “irreconcilable differences”.

Why do we fret, get upset and fight over these pins and needles?
Simply put: they appeal to our emotions and in a way help us realise that we are loved, we are valued, are deeply appreciated and are not taken for granted.

Daily Prompt: Tiny


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