Because I’m Different

“They laugh at me because I’m different
I laugh at them because they are all the same”

-Author unknown

I know what they will do each time
I know what they do all the time
I can predict their next move
I know how they operate
And I’m pretty sure this will end the same way
No thrills! No suspense!
No adrenaline rush! No anticipation!

Quite boring!

But I’m different
I’m unpredictable, a pack full of surprises
I try new things, I take risks,
I’ve made a lot of mistakes but I have loads of experience
They don’t know my next move
I don’t even know my next move
I’ve got to keep the suspense in the game
I’ve got to keep my opponents on their toes
Because I love the anticipation and I live for the thrill,
I love the excitement; because I’m different.

Daily Prompt: Anticipation

Copyrights © Obioma Ijeoma Ibe Writealineblog 2016

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