Bon Appétit!

I have one confession to make- I’m an ardent follower of Master Chef The Professionals. Since I discovered the program last year, I’ve been following every episode closely and have enjoyed watching the culinary challenges and experiences these professionals face.

I’ve learnt about different exotic dishes, ingredients, styles and skills in various Michelin starred restaurants. I also enjoy the rich baritone voice of the narrator, he pronounces each ingredient with great pride and perfection; and how I love the sound of “panacotta”. Being an artistic person, what I enjoy most is the plating of the food. If you have an imaginative and creative mind like me, you would agree with me that some presentations are simply put- mind blowing, fantastic and…WOW!!! It’s almost like you don’t want to eat the food; you’d rather hang it on the gallery in your house and just stare at it with sheer bewilderment, utter amazement and ecstatic admiration.

One of the things I’ve learned from this program is that to get an all-round mark on great taste, blending flavours and beautiful presentation, you have to get all the specifics right. All the ingredients and elements as they call it would have to be right and work right. When the specifics are right, it’s like a kite floating and flying in the blue skies competing with the eagles. When it’s not, that down-beaten look on the face of the contestants when they get a negative feedback says it all.

In terms of presentation, my highlight in this year’s series was the food cooked by this year’s winner- Gary Maclean from Scotland. The beetroot starter course he cooked at the Chefs Table; though faulted taste wise but, the presentation was stunning, and that’s the why I used it above. And from one happy fan amidst tens of thousands, I say “Bon Appétit!”.

In response to daily prompt: Specific, Float

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