An Olive Branch Tale

Second thoughts, third thoughts, fourth, fifth…hundreds of thoughts as I got dressed.
“I have a right to be upset”, “I have right to stay put”, “I have a right not to care”, “In fact I don’t even care”, “She hurt me”, “I took her as my friend, what did I get in return??”…

I was reluctant to make a step…

But I couldn’t ignore the other thoughts in my head. “You’re doing the right thing”, “Blessed are the peacemakers…”, “Go and make peace”, “Be the bigger person”… Ok! Ok!

So out of my comfort zone I stepped out. What if my olive branch is not accepted? What if there’s a tense squabble? What if she’s not ready to make peace?

What ifs, what ifs, I’ll never know standing here would I? I soliloquised.

So I stepped out with a giddy mind with my self respect on the line; I’ve never felt so vulnerable, like a man going to propose…

I got to her house, I stood at the gate, I stared at her door…

I wanted to run… I wanted to hide… go back home, I thought…

I walked up to the door, I paused…,

Ignoring my jittery fingers, I pressed the door bell…

Well, I’m here holding out an olive branch, there’s no backing down now, I thought, as I heard footsteps coming towards the door.

Phew! Never knew reconciliation after a 6 months separation would be this difficult!
What an oversight!
Wish me luck!

Daily Prompt: Oversight

Copyrights © Obioma Ijeoma Ibe Writealineblog 2017

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