Dark Brown Sublime Treat!


It’s dark brown,
Sliced, served unto a plate;
You catch a glimpse,
You draw near for a better look;
There it is;
Intoxicating, seductive, moist,
Two-layered, creamy, velvety,
Coated and dripping with a brown luscious sauce;
You edge slowly and closer,
Like a queen approaching her majestic throne;
What pleasurable enticing beauty!
Enthralled, captivated, enraptured,
Your desires heighten as you stare;
Deliberating but helpless, you yield in to it;
With a spoon, you gently take a piece-
Why rush such a divine moment?
Into your mouth it goes…
Hmm… you moan with excitement and sheer pleasure;
As its delicate components dissolve in your mouth,
You are riveted in this harmonious marriage of decadent flavours,
And is transported to a delightful enchanted forest,
Where you glide blissfully with utmost sensations;
Each extra spoonful is utterly relished and savoured;
What a scrumptious delectable tempting desert!
Such a sublime treat you couldn’t resist!
Chocolate cake!

Daily Prompt: Resist, Lush

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

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