My Mum is a Millipede

“My mum is a millipede”,
“Really? What do you mean?”,
“She is a millipede because she has too many shoes”.

That was how a little boy summed it up but honestly there’s something about women and shoes. I’ve met a couple or two women who isn’t really bothered but I think I can estimate that 90% of most women love shoes. Notwithstanding that they may not be her size, or that they may be expensive, she still buys them. And when they are on sales, the shopping spree gets a “tad” out of hand. If she can’t decide which out a couple of pairs to choose from, it’s no surprise when she buys and bags both of them. After all, a woman can never have enough of shoes.

Some women have shoes that are still in their package, 3-6 months past their purchase date, still unworn. Some love the same colour but different designs, others prefer same design but different colours, the rest aren’t bothered so far as they are shoes. Some have to be worn with a particular outfit and a particular bag for a perfect outlook- “perfectionist fashionista” I’d say.

Women’s shoes range from flats to stilettos, court shoes, ankle straps, wedges, boots, lace-up, peep-toes, moccasins, etc. Thank God for our numerous humanitarian charities, they have encouraged us to donate some of our prized possessions for a worthy cause.

To choose which shoe to wear, a man might find it quite overwhelming and daunting; but for the woman, it’s as easy as making a cup of latte. She already knows which perfect pair that would accentuate her beauty and appearance.

Daily Prompt: Overwhelming

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