📌First I will start by saying a massive thank you to New Ideas and Inspirations and Clumsyandsilly  for their recognitions and nominations of the above awards! I’m truly happy that you have enjoyed my tales and ramblings. I am encouraged by your act of kindness and I pray my posts will continue to captivate your interests.
Also, I say a big thank you to everyone who has been following my blogs so far. Thank you for your comments and criticisms, your jokes and arguments, they have indeed elevated and innervated my writing.

📌Please let’s check out the blog posts of thers prolific Bloggers and enjoy their play with words. Please don’t deny yourself this great opportunity to be inspired by their posts.

📌In addition to the Bloggers I recognised in my earlier post The Blogger Recognition Award, I will like recognise and nominate these wonderful talented Bloggers. I have enjoyed and been inspired by their posts:

1. Writers Envy
2. Fyre Works
3. My Struggling Heart
4. Debbie Gravett
5. Wordsareallihavesite
6. Thoughts of Words
8. Fearlessinjesuschrist

Thank you very much everyone. Pls check my earlier blog The Blogger Reconition Award for more details. Please accept this shorter version of the nomination rules.

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