Thank God It’s Friday!

Thank You God for:

F- Family and friends– we love them, we fight with them, we play with them and we face life together with them. Always there for each other through thick and thin. A shoulder to cry on and a face to laugh with.

R- Rough times, difficult times, afflictions, challenges, temptations, trials, uncomfortable times. Through it all, they have made us stronger, more resilient and more determined to succeed. Instead of breaking us, they have taught us, have moulded us and have made us better persons.

I- Incomes and expenditures, assignments, projects, contracts, jobs, shifts, and all manner of work, different talents, skills, abilities and every work of our hands. We have fulfilment and sheer delight through them. We have blessed others and have been blessed through them. We have found some comfort and have provided for our families through them.

D- Daily living. For life. We wake up every morning to experience Your Word and Your Spirit, Your mercies and grace, Your peace and joy, Your faithfulness and love towards us.  Thankful for the death of Christ on the cross through which we have found abundant life.

A- All and every other blessings we have– food, water, clothes, health, a home, cars/bikes, smart phones/tablets, the air, trees, birds, sky, animals, etc etc the world we live in. They have helped to improve our way of living.

Y- You and me. We are unique and special. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Very originally made with a use-only-once specifications. We are made in God’s image and likeness. As many that comes to Him, He makes them His children.

Thank God it’s Friday!

NB: In response to today’s daily prompt, I’m grateful to God for my 2 baby boys. They are such a treasure to my heart.

Copyrights © Obioma Ijeoma Ibe Writealineblog 2017

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