Betting, gambling, parlaying
Whatever name we call it
I don’t engage in it and I don’t like it.

It encourages laziness.
It’s kind of saying “no need to work hard, just buy your success with a lucky penny”.
Hence, these days, no one wants to work hard.
Instead, they would rather empty all their savings and bank accounts on bets, gambling casinos, jackpots and lotteries hoping to win it. Most times they never do.

My own definition of lottery is “everybody’s contributions = one man’s collection”.

Secondly, gambling promotes impatience.
Rather than invest in projects that will yield both long and short term profits, most would prefer to pay money for betting, would go to TV shows hoping to win big money. They want it now! It’s all about try your luck now and get it now. I guess the concept of tax-free money is too good to be ignored.

Some may take offence but as for me, I believe in the core traditional values of hard-work, dedication, patience and perseverance.
We must keep teaching our younger generation the need to imbibe these principles if they will have a better and assured future.

But, we have to start with ourselves.

Daily Prompt: Parlay

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