The Olympic Champion That Persevered

I cannot stop a bird from flying over my head but I can stop it from perching on my head. I cannot stop the challenges life throws at me, but I can stop them from affecting my heart and mind with negativism and pessimistic attitude. I am not only defined by the details on my passport, I am not defined by the challenges life throws at me, but I am mostly defined by how I choose to react to these challenges.

When life throws hatred, do I choose to hate back? Or do I love?
When life throws hurts and pain, do I chose to revenge? Or do I forgive?
When life throws set backs, barriers, hurdles, walls, etc. do I choose to sit down, grumble, throw a pity party and quit? Or do I choose stand up? If I choose to stand up, I will see the Olympic spectators cheering me on to keep jumping over each hurdle, one jump at a time, till I reach the finish line?

Do I want to be a hater or lover? An avenger or a forgiver? A quitter or the Olympic Champion that persevered despite the odds?
The choice is mine- how I am reacting to the challenges of life is to a great extent how I am permitting others to define and label me.

Daily Prompt: Passport, Champion

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