She woke up feeling cranky, sulky, tired, and emotionally knackered. A lazy morning, on the bed, she thought about everything that was going wrong, the tad misunderstanding with her daughter the night before…and general nothingness. Then a text came in. It was from her daughter and it read, “You’re the best mum I could ever have. I’m sorry for last night. Happy Easter. Love you xx”.

It was a simple but timely text. It was refreshing and uplifting. She needed to hear something like it. As she stared at the text, a grateful emotion began to spread through her face and into her heart. She opened her mind and embraced it, thus dispelling the dark shadows of gloom that lurked about earlier.

She was truly grateful for daughter and the journeys of life they have experienced together alone. No measure or scale could quantify the extent of love and gratitude that now flowed through her heart.

And with a pleased smile and a renewed strength, she rose up to ride into her day.

It was just a simple text… but it changed her day.

Daily Prompt: Cranky, Measure, Timely, Pleased, Knackered

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