The Goddess of Justice

Sculptured and affixed on the cold hard rock
A dark gray statue stands strong and fearless
The Prosecutor to the wrongdoer and lawbreaker
The Defender for the oppressed and aggrieved
An indomitable symbol of justice and equity

Always and forever blindfolded with a dark gray cloth
A symbol of fairness, objectivity and impartiality
Blind to any apparel, status, money or wealth
Her judgments are based on *audi alteram partem
She rules without fear, favour or sycophancy

On her right hand rests her mighty sword
A symbol of power, authority and legal strength
To destroy oppression, injustice and anarchy
To establish equity, justice and the rule of law
Obey her laws or face the wrath of the sword
She who holds the sword rules the land

On her left hand, she holds pale brown scales
A symbol of just balance and a fair weight
To weigh the veracity of all affidavits, facts and figures
On a balance of probabilities, beyond reasonable doubt
She decides every case based on the tilts of the scales

Sculptured and affixed on the cold hard rock…
She is the leading lady of the law
She is Lady Justice or the Goddess of Justice

Daily Prompt: Gray, Roots

*This poem is written to share with you a little bit about my roots.

*Audi alteram partem is the principle of fair hearing in law. It means “let the other side be heard”. It implies that for the courts to achieve fair hearing, the two sides of the case must be heard. The plaintiff and the defendant must be heard before a case is concluded. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to this rule.

*You will find the statue of Lady Justice in front of many law offices or buildings.

*In the featured picture above, the lady on the left is me during my final year as a law student in 2005. The buildings behind were our law lecture halls, in UNEC, Enugu, Nigeria.

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

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