Songs of Worship… I discovered this song two days ago. Very beautiful.

My Gospel Playlist

Can I walk the path less trodden?
Into the secret place?
Find the highway to the heavens
Where I can glimpse your face
Let me walk beside still waters
And then dive into the deep
Jesus lead me to discover
The treasure that I seek
God unchanging, ever faithful
Lord eternal, King of love
Here I bow down and exalt you
King of all, Father above
Let me walk each step beside you
Let your Spirit flood my heart
Let the overflow wash over
All my dreams and all my scars
Here I bow, bow before the King
Bow before the Lord of Lord
Creator of all things
Let me usher in your Kingdom
So the hearts that need to know
Would walk beside still waters
And your peace to them would flow
Spirit flow, Spirit flow
(Highway to Heavens- Cathy Burton)

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