Ask questions– This is the starting point in achieving your dreams. Many a time we have dabbled into things only to realise it’s not really for us. So ask yourself-
What do I like doing? What is my passion? What excites me and makes me tick?
Is it something I would love to carry on for the rest of my life? Or a momentary project? Where do I see myself in 10 years time?
How can I break even and shine with this? Is it expandable? Can I grow this passion?
Why am I doing it? To please someone for to self fulfilment? Am I doing it because it’s popular? Is it for money? For honour?

Ask yourself these and any other relevant question; try and find out their answers honestly. Be true to yourself and the answers would lead you to a path of personal discovery and truth. As they say, an inquisitive mind never gets lost.

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