Where True Love exists

What I love I will fight for
What I have passion for,
I will walk a thousand steps,
I will run the farthest distance,
Till it becomes a reality
Till it translates
From dreams to developments

14 years was like 14 days to Jacob,
His love for Racheal was his driving force

When I see men, women, running marathons
From one country to another, sprinting hard
From one desert to another, trudging on
From one river to another, swimming strong
In good or bad weather, undaunted, unmoved
Running for noble causes, for charities,
My heart applauds and cheers them on
For tackling the hardest of many tasks
I look into their faces, into their hearts
I search and find nothing but love,
Love for a better tomorrow, for change
Love and passion for a better life for all
Distance is no barrier where true love exists

Daily Prompt: Distant

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

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