What’s in a pack of crisps?
Baked potatoes, salt, etc
What’s in a pack of crisps?
I’m not sure but,
I think there’s something inside it
That makes it so appealing to kids
And their sugar-coated tastebuds
But then,
Crisps are salted, so
What’s in a pack of crisps?
I don’t know, I wish I do

But what I do know is this-
Most children love crisps,
My children absolutely, definitely
Emphatically, categorically love crisps

My toddler, enjoying a pack of crisps, relaxed, with his leg on the table.

When the tantrums scream
Or the sad faces sulk
When there’s a fight for toys
Or whose tv channel to watch
Out and about on a sunny day
Or during the sermon in the church
When all my hugging and all my cooing
Doesn’t seem to appease
I pop out a bag of crisps
And suddenly, all is well
Then I can talk and reason
As they listen in silence
And munch their crisps

What’s in a pack of crisps
That makes it so appealing to kids
I really would like to know

Daily Prompt: Crisp

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I was just thinking about this words this afternoon as I gave my little one this bag of crisps. Then I saw today’s prompt- what perfect timing! So while he ate his crisps, I wrote my poem😊