H- Heart

Listen to your heart, your instincts and intuition. Don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions and make impulsive decisions. To get the best out of your limited resources, you must have a time to pause and listen to your heart amidst the excitement and adrenaline.

Listen to heart, what can you hear? Sometimes you may feel that you are ready for the next step, but if you listen you may hear your instincts/intuition telling you to wait for so and so. Other times, you may be lolly lagging and dilly dallying, but if you listen you will hear your heart nudging you to go for it.

And a note to believers, you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you. Take a pause through those barrage of ideas, thoughts and decisions needing attention, to listen to your heart, what is God telling you to do?

Most of the times, if we tell ourselves the truth, our intuitions are always correct. So let’s not make avoidable mistakes by ignoring the small tugs we feel in our hearts even when it means going against logic or the crowd.

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