Message To New Bloggers

Worried about followership? Feeling like you will not get that big audience you so desire? Does it feel like your stats trudges up the hill like a camel?

The best attitude is to ignore the readership and the stats, instead focus on your content and writing skills. Be part of the community by making out time to read other people’s blog. Be consistent, don’t neglect your blog.

Blogging is like having conversations with visitors in your home. Would you ignore your visitors for one week without conversing, chatting and interacting with them? In the same instance, it would be unwise to leave your followers for one to two weeks with no post. Everyone needs some TLC, even more your blog.
When you make a bit of effort, you would be relieved to see your readership grow and your audience range widen as you stay true to your heart and write about what you love.

Patience is a virtue you will learn as a blogger and friendliness is a virtue you must show as a blogger. For every good thing takes time, effort and a very big smile.

Daily Prompt: Relieved

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