N – Networking

This is a very important concept. We need each other. You need people to achieve all you set your mind to do. You need connections, and connections lead to more connections.

This is where social media plays a massive role. Seek out social  platforms to meet new people and learn more things about what you want to pursue. This aspect is in three dimensions:

1. Make out time and meet likeminded people, people with the same or close dreams and aspirations. Experienced and established people in the field you are pursuing so you can learn from them. Listen to their stories, their defeats and victories, and learn.

2. Make friends with those that will challenge you with constructive criticism and assist you to harness your rare qualities, they will encourage you, advice you, question you and push you to your limits. Recognise those that draw out the best in you and get closer to them.

3. Meet and if possible make friends with your target audience and sample opinions. Do you know who your target audience is? Find them, meet them. Speak, interact and gain insight to what they hope to find in venture like yours.

Networking is key to growth, expansion and the realisation to every dream.

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