Q – Questions and Questionnaires


Question yourself and question what you’re doing.




Take your log, your data, your journals and your diaries like we discussed in M – Make Yourself Accountable and periodically assess your progress or otherwise. Look back, read your notes and your goals, see the pattern of events. The timeline depends on you and what your project is. It could every bi-monthly, tri-monthly or quarterly, whatever works for you.

Having done these, then review, reflect and find out what’s working, what’s not working, what can be improved and what can be discarded. Ask yourself critical questions and try to be as objective as possible.
Also print and distribute questionnaires and feedback forms to families, friends and anyone whose input or insight you deem valuable. Most people use Survey Monkey, it’s free and easily accessible. Collect all the results from questionnaires and assessments, enter them into a spreadsheet or any worksheet that would aid you analyse them, then make changes appropriately.

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