Undaunted By Prompts


Yesterday’s daily word was
What an odd word! Unlikely!
But then,
To the writer, every word
Is like a match that strikes up
The lights of imagination and
Innate poetic creativity;
Whether it’s toothbrush,
Blanket, Aimless or Murmuration,
A true scribe at heart
Remains undaunted by the prompts,
He is never short of ideas.

Daily Prompt: Toothbrush

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

3 thoughts on “Undaunted By Prompts

  1. dronstadblog says:

    All of is true, however, I had really hard time trying to write something about a TOOTHBRUSH. Like, who can be “that” creative?… Apparently, a lot of us, since we both posted. Keep it up. 😀 Good post.

    Liked by 1 person

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