Heroes’ Homecoming


Colourful smokes jetted from synchronised aerobatic displays,
As the whole town cheered on in excitement
Everyone waved and welcomed the tired soldiers home,
Their sons, husbands, brothers, uncles, nephews…
Their beloved gallant heroes
Some had no injuries, others were crippled, maimed, blind,
Or had some form of injuries and wounds…
But, all were alive,
Alive to tell their own side of the story…


All these heroes could come back home
Because somewhere in a distant battleground
Some other valiant men, boys, husbands, nephews, fathers…
Heroes in their own rights, sacrificed themselves,
Though unwillingly, and paid the ultimate price
For the freedom of all

Daily Prompt: Synchronize

Copyrights ยฉ dreamdesireachieve 2017

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