U – Understanding

Understand your strength, understand your abilities. Know your limits, don’t ignore your shortcomings. You are not perfect, you can’t do everything. No one is perfect and no one can do everything all by themselves. Many times we take on too many things, some which are way beyond our natural abilities and gifts.

I strongly believe that all things are possible but it’s not a blind belief. It’s a belief
-according to how God made us,
-according to what we are disposed of,
-according to our gifts and talents, and
-according to our natural inclinations.
No matter how a man loves children and believes he can get pregnant, it would only be a failed venture or one that “may” succeed amidst diverse unnecessary complications and problems. This is because nature did not bestow in him the natural prerequisites for a pregnancy, most importantly a womb. Pregnancy and childbearing is for women because that’s our natural dispositions and strengths. That’s how God made us.

When we channel our energies into our strengths and abilities, we will discover many projects and dreams we can actually accomplish under that particular canopy.
For. e.g. Personally I love singing and I love writing. I don’t have a very strong singing voice but I have a strong inclination towards words. It would be foolhardy for me to start dreaming that one day I could be the world’s best singer, going on tours and been famous. I may achieve that but it will be hassled with troubles and fits. In doing that I would have abandoned writing which I find easier to flow in. But if I follow my gifts, I will, in time, discover that there are many inexhaustible wonderful opportunities open to writers, authors and poets.

Understand your specific role as it relates to your dreams. Focus on what you do best and just do that. In writing for instance, some are good in prose, others in poems, some others in script writing, others in real life issues, wild life, thrillers, sci-fi, everyday events, etc., etc. You can dabble in any of these, once in a while, when the inspiration comes but don’t forget to major on your strengths. Don’t forget to do what you do best. This principle applies in every area of life. If your dream is to study law, teaching, engineering, pharmacy, etc. your first question will be- which area should I focus on based on my strengths and natural inclinations?
Your strength is the real you and that’s what people will love; not the one you are trying to be.

Understand your responsibilities and delegate what you are unable to do or not gifted in. It never hurts to ask for help; in fact, it’s arrogance to try and do everything by yourself when there are people who can and are willing to share the load. Give others the privilege and the joy of helping you. Don’t shut people out when they want to help you. Include them in your plans and let them enjoy being a part of you and your plans. At the end of the day, you’re not overworked yet the job gets done by some happy willing friends, families and/or colleagues. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

Understanding is key if we must fulfill our dreams and aspirations.

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