Gone Are Days… Now I’m Here.



This is me.

Gone are the days, when as a teenager, I was innocent, shy, smiley, and tried to be obedient to the way I was brought up.

Gone are the days, when in my mid twenties, I spent leisure times daydreaming about boys, jobs, husbands, weddings and how my adult life would look like.

Gone are the days, when in my mid thirties, I was boisterous, outgoing, outspoken, full of zest and laughter, focused, positive; I displayed untamed admirable passion and unfeigned emotions.

Now, less than 365 days short of THE BIG 4️⃣0️⃣, I’m watching myself become more contemplative, more deliberative, reflective, bridled, somewhat slowing down and deeply yearning for maturity. I’m asking myself a lot of questions, scrutinising a lot of my actions and thinking a lot more about the future.

Is this an age thing? Is it a phase? Will it linger on more or will it pass on quickly? I’m not sure and I don’t know. Can anyone relate to this? If you know what it is, can you tell me.

Now, I’ve been thinking and I need your candid opinions please– I’m thinking of changing my blog name to my name. The current name narrows down my writing creativity, I don’t like it in a way. Having my name would help me write freely and more creatively. What do you think?

-Musings from a contemplative heart.


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27 thoughts on “Gone Are Days… Now I’m Here.

  1. dronstadblog says:

    Hey, we are all different and similar in a way. I guess it is quite normal to have your past experiences investigated. From my introspection, I’ve learned that these questions should help us grow as people. It really depends on the goals you’ve setted up for yourself, and wise comes with years. Don’t be discouraged by your years. Don’t let that boggle you. Don’t let that stop you pursuing what you think matters the most. Have faith my Radiant Lieutenant Second Class Obioma. Have faith my quill sister. 😀

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  2. Covert Novelist says:

    My blog name is “Covert Novelist” and I write mysteries. Still, I write the daily prompt and whatever else comes to mind on any topic so my blog name doesn’t interfere, but if you feel yours does, then certainly change it. BTW, you are very lovely!

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  3. tachira wiltshire says:

    Nice to finally meet you beautiful lady 🙂 Well as they say life begins at forty. I personally love your blog name. I believe the name does not define your content. You can write about whatever your heart desires. It is your platform to explore whatever you care to . No limits

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    • Dream Desire Achieve says:

      😀😀 thank you. It took a while to include my picture in my About Me Page. I personally don’t like showing my face, I love leaving things to suspense…😀😀. Thank you for your response. It has got me thinking and I do like my blog name. Much appreciated 💝💝


  4. Padmasandhya says:

    The name can only be an eye-catcher but your content is what attracts and retains fellow bloggers! I think you have so many followers because of your writing style and ideas and not just because of the blog’s name! But, if you want to change it to your name and make it even more personal, by all means do so! It will never stop us from reading your blog!

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