Fabrics Fit For The Master’s Use


Like a fabric, on tenterhooks
I have been stretched
To the limits of my yarns,

Though stressed, starched, stretched
Hung out in the scorching sun,
I will not be torn
I will not be broken
I will not lose faith

For when this ordeal is over
My Master will unhook me,
From the heat of the scorching sun
I will return to the coolness of the home;

There, I will be a great fabric of honour
Washed, and purified from stains,
Fit for my Master’s purpose;

For you see, in a great man’s mansion
There are different types of fabrics,
Fabrics for kings, fabrics for floors,
Fabrics of honour, fabrics of lesser honour,

If I must remain a fabric of honour
I must keep myself immaculate and undefiled,
From the stains of sin and selfishness,
From the stains of worldliness and ungodliness.


(Inspiration for this poem came from 2 Timothy 2:20-21)

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2017

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