We Are Trustees, We are Creatures


Emotions are different
(Fragments of thoughts) put together,
They are like (colours swirling) and turning within us,
Always (changing), never the same
Everyday, every hour (we are fighting a vortex) of emotions, fighting their overwhelming pull into a vortex of self-centredness,
It’s our constant (tug of war),
We secretly but desperately look around (in furtive glances)
(Searching for sympathisers), for helpers, for anyone who can empathise with our struggles,
But most of the times (alone, we are)
Trying to be human, trying our best to stay loyal, truthful, selfless and (committed to choices) that we face every day.

But the secret to choosing the right emotions and reasonings, is to remember that (we are trustees of our mundane hearts) and lifes. We are stewards of our lifes on earth and this should guide us in making the right choices.

We are creatures,
Created to make the right choices,
Created to serve God through serving others.

Notes: To understand this post, please refer to my previous poem Trustees of A Mundane Heart.


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018


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