I Restarted


I was filled with hope
I believed I could succeed
So I plunged in, I made great efforts
I read books, I recited mantras
But… I failed
I tried again and made greater efforts
But, I failed again, and again, and again
I stopped trying; I lost hope, I gave up
For a decade, I plunged into nothingness
My heart pined, I was in pain
Deep intense silent pain

Suddenly, a helper came-
My beacon of light, God’s messenger
I heard words…, I began to dream again
Hope, strength, confidence, joy
Pierced through my fallow heart
Impossibilities became possible
And, I made a restart;
With great momentum,
In bountiful enthusiasm,
I tried hard, I tried my very best
And, finally
I pushed down a mighty wall
Joy at last!

How did it happen?
I forgot yesterday’s pain,
I found today’s strength,
I restarted.

Dream. Desire. Achieve.


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018


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