Women’s day…? Really…?

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Year after year, I keep asking the same question to myself and to my friends, but never have received a satisfactory answer, ever. Why do we need women’s day? Why a day is devoted to us? Why has it been so much commercialized and media making a big deal out of it? Why do we need a day to remind everyone that we are equal or that we women are strong and powerful?

Wait..is there a day for men? Like a Men’s day or something? Or is it that every day is Man’s day but we women need a day to celebrate our being.

Ages have gone by, but till today, in this modern world, we women are asking for permissions, we are confirming our equality by giving ourselves a special day, we need a confirmation to feel special, we need a confirmation to feel strong. We need our men…

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2 thoughts on “Women’s day…? Really…?

  1. frazzledagain says:

    I absolutely think the same thing. While women are trying to be equal, we continue to do things that make us look like we need to stand out. It is the same for specialized parades. Instead of everyone being treated the same, groups, organizations do things to stand out, to be different…pride parades, (a parade that does not include everyone, women’s day, Secretary day, family day, (everyday is family day). President’s Day… I know there are more special people that get special days, I just can’t think of more right now.

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    • Dream Desire Achieve says:

      I understand what you’re saying and I thank you for pointing it out. Unfortunately that’s the way to achieve any goal. When people don’t stand out, they don’t get noticed. Hence, they get bypassed, ignored, neglected or abused. Standing out, been different or doing things differently gets your voice heard. We live in a system where people operate like robots, never stopping to think or question the status quo. Boredom and routine becomes the norm. Check it, on a broader scale revolutionaries (spiritual, physical, technological, media, scientific, educational, etc. occurred when people began to be different and think differently.
      Take the recent Hollywood hussbuzz about Weinstein. Some women accepted the status quo and many atrocities were swept under the carpet. But somehow someone stood up, stood out, thought and acted differently thereby giving a voice to the voiceless.
      So, we need all these Days as it’s a constant reminder for us to be human and act like humans to others. Thank you so much for for this opportunity to rub minds with you 😊😊🌺🌺.

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