Roses, with Thorns


We all have strengths
We all have weaknesses
We find faults in people
People find faults in us
We dislike some people
Some people dislike us
Favoritisms, habits,
Thoughts, actions…
All saints, all sinners alike

Ain’t we all identical?
Ain’t we all roses… with thorns?

Why then do we tolerate and justify our own shortcomings and errors but struggle to tolerate or understand exactly the same stains and blemishes in others?


Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2018


4 thoughts on “Roses, with Thorns

  1. jeannettebourassa says:

    I am a new member on WP. , and you are the first person that I am sending a comment to on Daily Post’s Prompts. I believe that we all have thorns in our life and that with GOD we can change our attitudes regarding others and loving them as they are.


    • Dream Desire Achieve says:

      Wow, you are very much welcome and thanks for the comments. You are absolutely right, we have to trust God for our shortcomings and also to have a large heart for others. Thanks a lot for stopping by and God bless you. 🌺🌺


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