Z – Zealousness with a Zing #AtoZ 2018


What is life
When there’s no passion?
When there’s no desire?
When there’s no zing?
Whatever we find our hands to do
Wherever life takes us
If we search deep within,
There’s always something to be blessed about it
An opportunity to bless others
And when you find that thing
Be zealous about it
Infuse your passion and zing in there
Share your joy to the world
For us to show everyone that
There’s always a silver lining
Behind every cloud,
We need to live everyday with some…

Zealousness with a zing

#atoz challenge

#virtues, vices & stuff


Copyrights ©dreamdesireachieve 2018

And with this, I’ve come to the end of this year’s April’s A to Z series. Thank you everyone who was with me throughout the journey. This was my first time of participating and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn’t have any theme initially but as it progressed, I found a theme which I enjoyed researching about. Surfing through dictionaries, thesaurus and countless adjectives, trying to find the perfect match. It was fun! Through these series, I’ve learnt various new words and vocabs. I’m truly astonished as how I found instant inspiration for each letter. To my bewilderment, I didn’t struggle at all.

Anyway, see you all next year when we start another series. 🌹🌹


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