Watching Marmalade my little pooch as she aimlessly and nonchalantly chewed her dog biscuits while her big black eyes stared into my steak, I didn’t need any 6th sense to tell me what I needed to do. I stood up and went to the kitchen.

At the sound of the kitchen door, Marmalade immediately abandoned the biscuits and came to me in the kitchen, wagging her tail excitedly and looking at me with so much hope and anticipation. I grinned.

Picked a steak from the saucepan, diced and dished them into her plate and set it down near the biscuits in the living room. She quickly pounced on it and devoured the delicacies before you could say Robinson Crusoe, totally ignoring her biscuits.

When she finished, she came and settled cosily near my feet, content and full. I patted her furry little head, resumed my meal while I watched my favourite whodunnit series- Law and Order.

Daily Prompt: Aimless

(A Reblog. Originally published in June 2016)

Copyrights ©dreamdesireachieve 2018

8 thoughts on “Marmalade

  1. Jenny says:

    Oon niin rakastunut kemikaalicocktailiin! Mielipiteesi -kaikesta- osuvat niin yksiin tämän tytön kanssa että huh! Ihanaa luettavaa. Ja mahtavaa että tällaisia ihmisiä löytyy, jotka haluavat, jaksavat ja näkevät vaivaa ihmisten &qaet;valistumisoen". Ja vihdoinkin järkevä juttu ilmastonmuutoksesta, jonka ei uskois astuvan kenenkään varpaille!Go Noora! 🙂

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