I Love Mondays

Thank God it’s Monday
I love Mondays
Don’t you know the meaning of Mondays?
No I don’t

Mondays mean
– School runs
– Packed lunches
– Rush hour
– Going to work
– Work colleagues
– Driving to work
– Appointments
– Deadlines

Exactly my point. That is why I don’t like Mondays.
No, take a closer look-

I’m grateful I have children.
I’m grateful I have a family
I’m grateful my children are in school.
I’m grateful I’m there for them to do their school runs, to help them with their homework.

I’m grateful they have food to eat.
I’m grateful I can afford healthy food for them.

I’m grateful I live in a community, I’m not alone or isolated.
I’m grateful for this community of care workers, utility workers, bankers, transport workers, etc all of us making effort to be at our work posts.

I’m grateful I have a job.
I’m grateful I earn a salary- it means I have money for bills, business and pleasures.

I’m grateful I have people to work and laugh with at work.
I’m grateful there’s a workforce complementing my little inputs.
I’m grateful they also have jobs.

I’m grateful I have a car, I drive to work
I’m grateful I walk to work. A good opportunity for exercise.
I’m grateful I fly to work. Very comfy in a jiffy.

I’m grateful for deadlines and appointments. My input is appreciated. I am important to someone.

I’m grateful I’m alive to do all these.

I’m grateful for Mondays
I love Mondays

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2019

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