Focus On Your Own Journey (1)

Driving on the motorway
Hitting 60miles per hour,
Suddenly a car sped past me
Honked me, indirectly saying,
“Move away slow snail”
I reacted.
I increased my speed.
I must retake my position from him!
The more I sped, the more he did!
He veered into the first lane.
A cross junction. Traffics lights.
Red lights. We stopped.
Amber! Green!
Now my time has come,
To quickly hit the gas, but
He turned left and continued his trip.
Anticlimactic emotions.
Then a voice said to me,

“Stop worrying about those who are not on the same journey with you. Drive your own car.
Focus on your own journey.”

I continued my journey

(To be continued)

Bumps and traffic lights come and go
But the car that keeps driving
Always gets to its destination

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2019

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