Finally, Focus On Your Own Journey

Focus on your own journey
Have a healthy competition
Don’t be obsessed with been better
Don’t despise those you are better than
Don’t be arrogant because you are better
Don’t be timid because you’re not better
Every one is on their own journey

On this journey of life,
There will always be winding roads,
Slopes, roundabouts and turns
Traffic hold ups and traffic lights
Hazard lights and accidents
Don’t let these deter, discourage or derail you
Life is never a smooth journey
Life is never a straight course

And so I tell myself,
Focus on your own journey
Get to your own destination
Complete your own targets
Achieve your own goals

Bumps and traffic lights come and go
But the car that keeps driving
Always gets to its destination

Copyrights © dreamdesireachieve 2019

2 thoughts on “Finally, Focus On Your Own Journey

  1. A. Rinum says:

    Everyone has a different path… so instead of looking at someone else’s starting line… focus on your own finish line! I guess sometimes we get side tracked by other people’s journeys that we lose focus on our own!

    Liked by 1 person

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